Space Observations with Amateur Radio

Over the coming weeks this site will grow to provide interested visitors with information about an exciting new project in the UK Amateur Radio community.

Project SOAR (Space Observations with Amateur Radio) is still in it's infancy, and there is lots of work to do. The current UK Amateur Radio license T's & C's (BR68) prohibits the use of Amateur Radio equipment in airbourne vehicles.

It is hoped, that Project SOAR will be the first in the UK to use high altitude meteorological balloons to loft Amateur Radio payloads to altitudes in excess of 75,000 feet. The project coordinators are currently in discussions with OFCOM and the CAA and we will keep you posted of the latest news as and when it changes.

Enjoy your visit, and feel free to join this site to keep up to date. If you are interested in assisting in some way, please contact us.

Amateur Radio even higher 'on the air'


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