Neil Carr, G0JHC, has been awarded the prestigious Royal Order of
Transatlantic Brass Pounders trophy that recognizes outstanding and
consistent DX work.

The Royal Order of Transatlantic Brass Pounders trophy was first
awarded in 1924. The original Members of the Order were from those who
operated transatlantic tests from 1921 to 1924.

As such, Neil Carr, G0JHC joins a small group of elite U-K operators
who have earned this honor. RSGB President Dave Wilson, M0OBW and HF
Awards Manager, John Dunnington, G3LZQ will visit G0JHC shortly to
present the award. (RSGB)

CW Award...and more Amateur News

Amateur Radio Bands To Be Used For London 2012 Games

Ofcom has published an updated spectrum plan for wireless communications at the London 2012 Games. This includes an update on the various demands for spectrum and how they will be met.

Frequencies in a number of bands allocated on a Secondary basis to the Amateur Service will be used at Olympic venues, among them are 70cm, 23cm and 13cm bands.

Regarding the 430 MHz band the plan says:

"The 430-440 MHz band is managed by the MOD and is used by Radio Amateurs. Ofcom notes RAYNET’s support for the St John’s Ambulance, Red Cross and other similar users as well as Amateur Special Event Stations for cultural events linked to the London 2012 Games.....

Ham Bands Used For 2012 Olympics

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