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“Radiation Belt Remediation” Plan Could Affect HF Propagation, Study Suggests.

NEWINGTON, CT, Aug 15, 2006 -- A New Zealand university research group believes a US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) “Radiation Belt Remediation” (RBR) plan could cause major worldwide disruptions to HF radio communication and GPS navigation. DARPA reportedly envisions the (RBR) system as a way to protect low-Earth orbiting (LEO) satellites from damage caused by severe solar storms or even from high-altitude nuclear detonations. The New Zealand-based research group suggests, however, that policymakers need to carefully consider the implications of the project. Headed by Otago Physics Department researcher Craig Rodger, the research group says RBR could significantly affect radio propagation from several days to a week or longer.

“We’ve calculated that Earth’s upper atmosphere would be dramatically affected by such a system, causing unusually intense HF blackouts around most of the world,” Rodger said in an Otego University news release. “Airplane pilots and ships would lose radio contact, and some Pacific Island nations could be isolated for as long as six to seven days, depending on the system’s design and how it was operated.” GPS would likely also be disrupted on a large scale, he added.

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This is a list of the "notable" Amateur callsigns that I have been gathering for some time. I would appreciate any updates - send them to "". Of course, "notable" is purely in the eye of the beholder; I consider it as someone in the (non-Amateur) public eye.

Another way of putting it is: "Did you know that XXX is/was an Amateur?" when explaining to someone what Amateur radio is all about. Thus, people like Monk Apollo etc would be regarded as notable (who would think a monk would be an Amateur?). Note that I have deliberately left out the current crop of Astronauts - it doesn't seem to be a novelty any more. [Most of the Space Shuttle and Russian Mir astronauts are now licensed Amateur Radio operators - Editor]

They have been gleaned from various places: amateur magazines, USENET postings, and straight-out rumour :-) It is probably out of date, and most likely contains errors. However, over time it should develop into an accurate list, suitable for PR purposes. Please note that I have no way of authenticating most of these entries.

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