New Worked All Britain Award

The Worked All Britain Awards Group, (WAB) are pleased to announce their award for 2014, that year being their 45th anniversary.

The 45th anniversary, whilst not widely celebrated, is the Sapphire one.
WAB have therefore decided to break the mould and celebrate this anniversary by introducing a Sapphire Anniversary award.

The award is based on the number 45 and stages of this award, culminating in a trophy, have endorsements corresponding to the less usual anniversaries.......

WAB Sapphire Award

Celebrate 100 Years Of Radio In The UK

MEMBERS of one of the Midlands’ largest radio clubs are taking part in an event later this month to mark 100 years of radio in the UK.

Wythall Radio Club, based at Wythall House in Silver Street, is putting on a radio station for two days to communicate to the world in celebration of the founding of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

In 1913, the enthusiasts who formed the RSGB were among the early pioneers of radio across the UK and the world. Members went on to become leading lights in the formation of the BBC and played major roles in wartime communications and code-breaking during the Second World War......

Wythall Radio Club


Ireland's Youngest Amateur Radio Operator

The North Cork Radio Group would like to congratulate all successful candidates that took the recent HAREC exam at Comreg offices on 10th October last.

One of the candidates was Jordan Cummins, who is a member of the Group and is the son of Lisa EI9GSB and Tony EI3GAB.

Jordan was one of the EI team who attended YOTA in Estonia in August. His interest grew majorly in the hobby as a result of the YOTA experience and he vowed at the venue that he would study for and sit the exam in October. He kept his word and put in many hours of  study which resulted in him passing the exam, which he was notified of on 23rd Oct.

Not only did he pass the exam, but he has become Ireland's youngest operator .... did we mention Jordan is only 14!! ........

Youngest EI Ham

VK3 National Parks Want Your Contact

So far 22 different Victorian National Parks are available for the annual
activation. Many others are ready for this month’s event just to work the
many portable stations or to qualify for an award.

Among the 26 venturing out portable is John Williams VK2AWJ of Gol Gol, just north of Mildura. He will be in the Terrick Terrick and Greater Bendigo National Parks.

Most active in this third annual event from eight different locations is
regular Peter Fraser VK3ZPF.

The event has attracted 26 from VK2, VK3 and VK5 who will operate under the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award rules.....

VK Parks On The Air

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