Cab Drivers' Ham Radio Community

Cab drivers' ham radio community

Among Beijing's cab drivers, there is a group of amateur radio fans who have formed a "Ham Radio Community". Through their vehicular radio equipment, members of the community can talk and help each other to cope with life in the boring lane.

Zhang Tong has been a Beijing taxi driver for over ten years. But since 2002 when he was first bitten by the ham radio bug, his daily work has no longer been just about driving and making money. Now he is a member the "Ham Community" which so far has 52 like-minded Beijing cabbies in its ranks.

Zhang Tong often receives ham radio transmissions from other drivers in the ham community who seek help. And if he is available, he doesn't hesitate to drive over to offer a helping hand.

"Before, taxi drivers were quite isolated from one another and there wasn't much communication. But since joining the club, I feel like I'm surrounded by a lot of friends while driving. It's much more fun now. And I can also exchange information about ham radio with other members, thus gaining knowledge about its technology."

Ham Radio Taxis in China


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