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Frequently Asked Questions about Amateur Radio. Roy, G8AYD.

Do I need a Licence?
In the UK, no licence is necessary to receive amateur radio transmissions, but one is needed if you want to transmit on amateur radio frequencies.

How do I get a licence ?
To obtain an Amateur Radio Licence in the UK, you must satisfy Ofcom, the UK licencing authority that you are competent to operate an amateur transmitter. ( For other countries, contact your national society for details.)
In the UK Ofcom sets the minimum standards. The Radio Society of Great Britain conducts examinations on behalf of the Ofcom to test licence applicants. You must obtain a pass in the examination(s) before submitting your licence application to them on their website. Ofcom publishes a useful document, 'How to Become a Radio Amateur' obtainable free, either on line, or by writing Ofcom. This publication includes an application form. Similar requirements exist in other countries.

What types of licence are there?
Although in many countries, licencing arrangements are similar, they vary in detail from country to country, and it is beyond the scope of this FAQ to cover them all. For further information, contact your national society.

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