New RSGB Qsl Bureau Sub-Manager

As from October 2007 there is a new Qsl Sub-Manager for the group of call-signs M1EAA - M1EZZ. That Sub-Manager is myself. The following message has been sent out to as many in that Group as possible:

"My name is Chris, G7NRO. I've been licensed since 1992, and former RLO (Regional Liaison Officer) for the RSGB for Cleveland until its demise in 1996.

The Bureau address is:

PO Box 5

Any Radio Ham can use the incoming mail facility at The QSL Bureau. So if you know of anyone in the M1E Group who DX-es or just chats around the UK or mainland Europe who thinks they may have had cards sent to them, ask them to get in touch.

I am an avid DX-er myself, a member of the WAB, WAI and IOTA Groups, and a collector of SOTA locations.

Finally, although I have been involved with The RSGB before, I have never been a QSL Manager. So if I drop a clanger, get it wrong, apologies now. Let me know, though, and it will be right next time around.

Thanks for reading this. I look forward to hearing from you and getting cards away ASAP.
73, de Chris, G7NRO."


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