Rockall On The Air

EU-189. Once again a Belgian expedition team will be sailing to Rockall Island at the end of September. Operators mentioned as of press time are: Patrick/ON4HIL, Theo/ON4ATW, Henk/ON4AHF, Karel/ON5TN and Rudi/ON7YT.

Three of these operators have been at, not on, Rockall Island in May 2009. The team will set sail aboard the "Commandant Fourcault" on September 23rd, for a 4 day voyage to Rockall. If all goes as planned, they will be on the air as MM0RAI around September 27th or 28th. Please keep in mind that heavy seas or bad weather can delay the operation! QSL via ON4ATW (LoTW, by the Bureau or direct.

Please visit their Web site for details and updates at: http://www.rockall.be

Belgian Hams on Rockall


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