Youngsters On The Air 2013

Youngsters On The Air 2013

A team of young operators will be representing the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) for this year's Youngsters On The Air event in Tartu, Estonia from 5-12 August.

The camp is organised by the Estonian Radio Amateurs Union ERAU, and 15 countries will be represented.

The EI team consists of: Ger McNamara EI4GXB (Team Leader) Lisa Cummins EI9GSB, Caoimhe McNamara EI1650, Jordan Cummins SWL, Kelsey Aspell SWL. A Facebook page has also been setup  https://www.facebook.com/groups/youngstersontheair/

Workshops will be run throughout the week and all aspects of Amateur Radio will be covered. Ger EI4GXB will be delivering the Antenna building workshop.

Young EI Hams On The Air


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