Two Australian Pico Balloons Head East

Pico balloon PS-48 launched from VK3 on Saturday August 8 has been heard over South America, albeit with a suspected fault, and another,
PS-49 put up last Saturday is tracking behind it.

Both carry Amateur Radio payloads transmitting HF data that includes
altitude, position and temperature, with solar powered 25 mW transmitters.
Launched by Andy VK3YT, one recently floated 110,800km going around the southern hemisphere twice. Its third circumnavigation bid ended in inclement weather over the Indian Ocean.

Meantime, PS-48 left Melbourne headed to Queensland leaving the mainland at the Gold Coast, then it turned southerly over New Zealand’s north island to drift over the Pacific.
After days of silence William Schauff PY2GN reported it from his Brazilian
farm famous for Atemoya, or custard apple fruit.

Andy VK3YT thinks that balloon's payload may have a damaged antenna, although there is a small chance of it making the flight to Australia, where the balloon may be heard again........


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