Radio Hams make it into Outer Space

AMATEUR RADIO on the International Space Station (ARISS) is used as an educational tool, promoting space and science in the classroom.

It provides back-up emergency communications for the ISS crew as well as day-to-day contact for the crew to talk to their families on Earth.

ARISS is funded by the space agencies as well as donations derived from national amateur radio groups and amateur satellite (AMSAT) special interest groups worldwide.

Four million amateur or "ham" radio operators worldwide enjoy a global friendship through their pastime. The Amateur Radio Service is recognised by governments and international regulatory bodies and must obtain technical qualifications in order to be granted a government issued licence and unique call sign.

Amateur radio operators have been at the forefront of disaster relief operations, providing vital life saving emergency communications after the Asian tsunami and hurricane Katrina when conventional communications infrastructure failed.

Amateur Radio in Space


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