With Ham Radios, Santas are born

Santa, it can be argued, is in your heart. Or riding in a sleigh through the night sky.

Or delighted, over and over and a thousand times over again to find a plate of cookies for his jolly self, and a carrot to split between his eight (or nine) tiny reindeer.

Wherever he is, you can bet this is his busiest week of the year.

Still, Santa makes time to listen to every child who needs to get through to him.

It could be at a mall, on his lap, through a wish, by a letter sent to that most precise of addresses: The North Pole. Or it could be over a ham radio, crackling with the proximity of medical machinery.

Four years ago, Dr. George Noble, a surgeon at Mary Bridge Children?s Hospital and Health Center, mused on the curative power of a conversation with Santa Claus.

Noble was a ham radio operator in his spare time, causing all who heard that to wonder how a pediatric surgeon managed to find spare time!

Santa on Amateur Radio


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