LF Experimentation by Radio Amateurs Continues Quietly

NEWINGTON, CT, Nov 3, 2005--Experimentation by radio amateurs on the nether regions of the radio spectrum continues quietly and largely unnoticed outside of the LF community.

Since the FCC turned down the ARRL's 1998 petition to create an Amateur Radio "sliver band" in the vicinity of 136 kHz, some US amateur licensees have obtained FCC Part 5 Experimental licenses to research the possibilities of LF, including transatlantic and transpacific propagation.

A few hams in Canada have obtained special permission from Industry Canada to operate on LF using Amateur Radio call signs. The latest noteworthy accomplishment was a QSO between US Experimental licensees.

LF enthusiast Laurence Howell, KL1X--operating as WD2XDW--and John Andrews, W1TAG--operating as WD2XES--completed their LF contact October 29 on 137 kHz.

LF Experimentation by Radio Amateurs


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