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Who Do You Think is A Ham Radio Operator?

Notable Ham Radio Operators Around the World.

List maintained by Dave Horsfall, VK2KFU,

Reprinted with permission of the author.

This is a list of the "notable" Amateur callsigns that I have been gathering for some time. I would appreciate any updates - send them to "". Of course, "notable" is purely in the eye of the beholder; I consider it as someone in the (non-Amateur) public eye.

Another way of putting it is: "Did you know that XXX is/was an Amateur?" when explaining to someone what Amateur radio is all about. Thus, people like Monk Apollo etc would be regarded as notable (who would think a monk would be an Amateur?). Note that I have deliberately left out the current crop of Astronauts - it doesn't seem to be a novelty any more. [Most of the Space Shuttle and Russian Mir astronauts are now licensed Amateur Radio operators - Editor]

They have been gleaned from various places: amateur magazines, USENET postings, and straight-out rumour :-) It is probably out of date, and most likely contains errors. However, over time it should develop into an accurate list, suitable for PR purposes. Please note that I have no way of authenticating most of these entries.

Famous Radio Hams


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