IRTS Counties Contest

The 2 metres Counties Contest takes place on Sunday next, 30th August from 2pm to 4pm local time. There are separate sections in this contest for portable and fixed stations, low power and high power, as well as an
FM Only section for single ops and an SWL section.

To ensure everyone gets a fair chance of calling CQ, there is a special 'QSY Rule' to the effect that after any QSO that is initiated by you making a CQ call, you must QSY to another channel (FM), or by at least 3 kHz (SSB), before calling "CQ" again, while the station answering the CQ call has the frequency for one more contact.

Over the weekend of 5th and 6th September, we have the SSB Field Day, which runs from 13:00 UTC Saturday to 13:00 UTC Sunday.

This year, for the first time, there are a 6 hour section in this contest in addition to the 24 hour Open and Restricted sections.
Note that pre-registration is required for the 24 hour sections,
but not for the new 6 hour section.......


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