Stone Mountain Hamfest

The Alford Memorial Radio Club was established in 1972 to provide amateur radio operators in the Atlanta area an opportunity to learn, communicate and provide community service.

The Alford Memorial Radio Club has scheduled its 42nd annual Stone Mountain Hamfest on Saturday, Nov. 2 and Sunday, Nov. 3.

A "Hamfest" is part flea market, part educational seminars, part vendor displays and sales, and all about fellowship. Amateur radio operators and those interested in electronics and computers will gather to see and talk about ham radio equipment old and new and discuss the world-wide hobby.

Those who have been studying ham radio operation will have an opportunity to take tests and, if they pass, acquire new amateur radio licenses or upgrade their existing ones. There will be a special Youth Area, where boys and girls can experience some of the aspects and skills that go into amateur radio.


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